Excellence and specialisation

Projected towards innovation in pursuit of excellence and quality, Francesca Pompe is specialised in designing machinery exclusively dedicated to Wine making.
The knowledge of the sector together with a passion for electronics and mechanics made it possible to build a unique and patented machine, able to respond to modern day functionality demands in compliance with the most delicate cellar operation methods, for those interested in quality manufacturing.

In order to succeed in this important objective, the company avails itself of cutting-edge 3D design software, also dedicating artisan accuracy to each manufacturing stage, hence, permitting the realisation of modular pumps adaptable to every single demand and guaranteeing a delicate movement of the wine fully in compliance with optimal chemical and physical parameters.
The machines utilised for the mechanical working processes are the most modern, versatile, reliable and are integrated with the design through the CAD/CAM system;
The raw materials utilised are guaranteed quality materials deriving from continuous research aimed at improving the product and its performance;
The testing procedures are part of the know-how of Francesca Pompe and are the fruits of its experience in the field.