Simple, practical and innovative, the 7-inch screen contains all the functions; with simple and intuitive menus, with online help to support the operator.

It’s possible to access all the activities of the pump also via Wi-Fi, keep all the operating parameters monitored, calculate the heads, the decanted litres, set the parameters according to your needs and much more.

Another additional reason to choose Francesca oenological pumps

Home page

The pump state of operation is always displayed: driving direction, capacity, provided pressures, rotation speed of the pump and the active functions, that is the flowmeter, the pumping-over, the temperature control, the filling and emptying of barrels, wire powered socket…

Liquid sensor

To protect the pump from the uncontrolled DRY OPERATION and to prevent the UNNOTICED BLOWING OF AIR in the tank of arrival when the liquid is over.


To transfer a set quantity of liquid in an automatic way: at the end of the transfer the pump stops automatically.

Loss of Charges

To calculate the optimal hoses at your job and for a correct use of the pump in the cellar.