Required fields in red

Calculation of the diameter of the pipe according to the flow rate, the difference in level between suction and delivery, the length of the pipes and the density of the poured liquid. The program also calculates the maximum length of the suction tube to ensure the desired flow rate.

The calculations refer to standard winery tubes, straights, or with wide curves.

Elbow bends, T or Y bifurcations, valves, or abrupt section changes, increase the pressure drops.

Set the desired flow rate, total length of pipes between suction and delivery tank, the liquid level in the tanks (positive if above the pump’s level, negative if below the pump’s level) and diameter of pipes to use.

The programme supplies the pressure needed for the pump to perform decanting. Check that the pump and pipes withstand the required pressure.

if the suction pipe requires a suction depression higher than -0.9 bar, the programme does not give a result, since in physics, it is not possible to aspire at -10 m depth (-1 atm) and the only result that can be attained is the automatic drop of flow rate.

If flow rate must not be reduced and suction pipe cannot be shortened, the diameter must be increased.